Shimmy Online in 2015


ReachNicolette brings you the basics of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary dance. Learn the foundation then progress at your own pace.




Madlen explores folkloric styles that are the root of Bellydance and brings you conditioning for the Cabaret and Tribal dancer. Infuse your dance with musicality and grace.

Ruricyoga (29 of 29)



Ruric-Amari brings you Beginner through Advanced level classes in Bellydance, Tahitian, Bollywood, and Yoga. Bring your dance to a new level in 2015!



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Shimmy Online on your Smart Phone

Can I use ShimmyOnline on my smart phone?


While we do not have a ShimmyOnline app yet, you can open ShimmyOnline in your phone’s browser.  Just sign in like you do on your computer.  Then go to whatever video you want to watch.  The video will open in YouTube on your phone.

If you have an iPhone and an Apple TV, you can also stream the videos to your TV, just like any other YouTube video.


Happy dancing!