Cakkidi Choreography Part I

photo: Dawn

Learn the fun upbeat choreography to "Cakkidi"!  This dance, done in the Turkish Belly Dance style, contains head tosses, pelvic drops, and a plethora of other belly dance moves to get your heart pumping and your body grooving.  Learn the first half of this Ruric-Amari Original for FREE.  Want more? Join ShimmyOnline and get lots of new choreographies and drills for only $6.99/month!! Continue reading

“Pardon” Belly Dance Choreography Teaser

photo credit: Jak

Watch an all new Ruric-Amari original Choreography - "Pardon"!  This playful dance is actually a two-part choreography which includes a section where you dance with a scarf!  To learn the full choreography (including scarf section), SEE HERE.  *Note* if you are not already a ShimmyOnline member, you will be re-directed to the sign-up page where you can become a member and get immediate access to all our members-only videos... hours of instruction in all the styles, including this choreography! Continue reading