Facial Expression – happy, sad, etc

Jesse H.

Length: 8.5 minutes

Purpose: To give a very brief introduction to facial expressions and dance.

Contents: Includes a demonstration, brief lecture, and practice exercises to help distinguish facial expressions

Basic facial expressions are essential to every form of theatre including acting and dance.¬† Many dancers lack the practice in changing characters on stage…even the most basic switch like happy to sad is difficult.¬†This video will give you the absolute basic idea of what I mean.

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3 thoughts on “Facial Expression – happy, sad, etc

  1. yes, yes, yes, totally paying attention and thinking about what you’re saying, then @ 5:43 KITTY look at the KITTY fluffy cuteness making a chameo, a CAT-eo perhaps???

  2. Great vid. I am a young dancer (not a belly dancer) and I have always had trouble with doing a sad or serious expression. And I have a couple tips on happy expressions.
    1. The people can’t see you that well so make very big and dramatic expressions.
    2. Have about four “happy” expressions. Some with a wink or pursed lips. Shift between them during your dance. Think to yourself, “1, 2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1…” and so on it really helps.