Choo Choo Shimmy

Photo by Dawn

Length: 6 minutes

Purpose: To demonstrate the choo choo shimmy and give you a good work out through drilling.

Contents: This segment will break down the rhythmic mechanics of the choo choo shimmy and drill you at several speeds for up to five minutes.

Passions was one of my first and most beloved Troupe choreographies. The lines were simple yet the complexities of the music matching the dance go on and on.  On of the most difficult parts of Passions to do well is the entire last minute of the song which is basically a Choo Choo shimmy drill traveling on high speeds with a veil.  An excellent effect but only if the dancer's shimmies are flawless.  This 5 minute drill segment will help you gain a rhythmic awareness of your choo choo shimmy and drill you till it hurts.

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