Facial Expression – happy, sad, etc

Jesse H.

Length: 8.5 minutes

Purpose: To give a very brief introduction to facial expressions and dance.

Contents: Includes a demonstration, brief lecture, and practice exercises to help distinguish facial expressions

Basic facial expressions are essential to every form of theatre including acting and dance.  Many dancers lack the practice in changing characters on stage...even the most basic switch like happy to sad is difficult. This video will give you the absolute basic idea of what I mean.

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3 thoughts on “Facial Expression – happy, sad, etc

  1. yes, yes, yes, totally paying attention and thinking about what you’re saying, then @ 5:43 KITTY look at the KITTY fluffy cuteness making a chameo, a CAT-eo perhaps???

  2. Great vid. I am a young dancer (not a belly dancer) and I have always had trouble with doing a sad or serious expression. And I have a couple tips on happy expressions.
    1. The people can’t see you that well so make very big and dramatic expressions.
    2. Have about four “happy” expressions. Some with a wink or pursed lips. Shift between them during your dance. Think to yourself, “1, 2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1…” and so on it really helps.