Online Intermediate Belly Dance Classes

Chris H.

Chris H.

Take your belly dance to the next level with these belly dance online classes! These belly dance videos are for people who feel comfortable with the Beginner Belly Dance Classes and Advanced Beginner Belly Dance Classes. These videos will introduce

  • transitions,
  • combinations,
  • expanded shimmy work,
  • and continued zill work.

Begin with the following instructional videos and work your way down the page. At the end of every video you will have the option to go on to the next video, review steps, or try a new dance topic. Feel free to browse around and try new things!

Belly Dance 301 - Intermediate Belly Dance Technique

Learn the art of transitions.  Transitions are moves in themselves which get you from point A to point B.

This is a deceptively hard move! Make sure you jump straight up and really bend your knee for the jazz turn to get the full effect. >>Watch Video

Belly Dance 302 - Intermediate Belly Dance II Technique

Transitions and shimmies.

Join Madlen for this 15 minute shimmy drill! Practice your rhythmic hip shimmy at different speeds and with layers. >>Watch Video
An hour long shimmy intensive including a break down of each step and drills at 3 speeds with arms and layers. Video includes hip and shoulder shimmies, twist, omi, head shimmies and more! >>Watch Video
Drill your camels and your shimmies… and then layer them together! Two difficult movements put together means a difficult layering move… but it looks so pretty! >>Watch Video

Belly Dance 303 - Intermediate Belly Dance III Technique and drills

Zills and choreography.

This exercise is meant to help you build your “chops”. Your chops are how fast you can play. Double Triple will help you build your zill playing muscles. You start this exercise at a manageable speed and then speed it up until you feel the burn! >>Watch Video
Yoga is an essential part of maintaining a safe dance practice. Here is a yoga video for you:
This yoga video is a great addition to your everyday practice. It is a well balanced routine which covers the basics and has a good flow. It begins with a short meditation and ends with Shavasana. >>Watch Video
This is a spunky, playful choreography. Steps include: Hip Hits (moving around yourself), Corkscrew Amaya, Hip Drops, Grape Vine, Pelvic Drops, and Pelvic Shimmy >>Watch Video